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High Quality Automatic PE Film Shrink Wrap Machine

Informations de base

Modèle: SRM-8

Description du produit

Automatic PE Film Shrink Wrap Machine

1.1.1 Bottle-in structure

 low impact bottle-in:


•bottle-in conveying belt is made of plastic chains, in order to ensure bottle-in smoothly the conveying belt is driven by a transducer motor.


•the number and arrangement of bottle is controlled by inductor which is installed at the top of conveying belt.


1.1.2 Bottle grouping:


•Bottle grouping depends on servomotor which drive grouping parts, it divide them into required number, then propelling pole control the moving space, this way it can go simultaneously with cardboard, so finally the cardboard will under the bottle .


•Straight bottle grouping, select servomotor to ensure the control precision, easy to adjust.


• With clutch in propelling pole device, so the machine will stop automatically as soon as clogging situation happen, rotate the wheel to recover after malfunction is solved.


1.1.3Cardboard conveying:


•Cardboard is pulled out from cardboard store by a machine arm, pass to the middle of orbit, driven by two gears propelling panel the bottle will move to the top of cardboard, finally a complete carton will be finished. 


•the amount of cardboard store may be big or small ;


•controlled by inductor, the cardboard will not be transported if there is no bottle.


1.1.4 Carton forming:


•Carton is transported from inner parts of machine, then it is fold into u style, wrap the bottle around from up to down, inner wing spraying with hot melting adhesive, out wing is folded and impacted by pneumatic device, spindly up-wing is closed by upper panel, finished carton is conveyed out by conveying chains.



2.2 Electric device structure:


2.2.1Advanced operation system


•Automatically PLC control, select B&R or siemens products, professional LCD to display wrapped number timely, besides a print was connected with it.


• Easy to change procedure.


•Control panel select touch screen and control button, you can change wrapped parameter directly, different wrapping parameter can be memorized.


2.2.2Advanced control system.


•surveillance the whole process timely. All working process is detected by inductor, so all wrong information will be transformed to screen, relevant working response to the malfunction.


•With intelligent interlock to out equipments.


•All electric and pneumatic device qualified international standard(CE Standards)




2.3 Machine structure


2.3.1Excellent machine ability:


•Inner parts of machine adopt stainless steel, casting steel, chromeplate steel and rustproof alloy etc, out is spraying, whole machine is rustproof.


•Safety cover: whole sealing style, it is consist of colorful bracket and organic glass, windows with safety switch.


•Complete safety device, qualified to safety standards.


2.3.2Modern long-distance contacting, diagnosing, and upgrading:


•wrap-around case packer can record and communicate, it makes producer can inspect the scene equipment and change procedure distantly, no need to send engineer to scene, so it will save trip fee.


2.3.3Patent idler wheel compressing design which makes case adhesive strongly, so long distance transportation is safe enough.




III. Case dimension adjustment device structure:


3.1Bottle-in guiding panel


3.2Bottle-group guiding panel


3.3Bottle-group conveying chains and bracket


3.4Cardboard desk adjustment


3.5Height of cardboard conveying


3.6Displacing device of up=down cardboard.


3.7Adjusting chains and finishing cardboard through wheel.
















Company Information




Production Flow



Packaging & Shipping



Our Services

1. 2 year's quality guarantee 

 2.Our techncians are availble to go to customer's plant for installation,trial run and free       trainning
 3.24hours technical support by e-mail or by camera video tools
 4.spare parts are available by courier at any time if neccessary
 5.manual books and detailed Videos are available






  Payment term:

Via T/T,L/C

30-50% as desposit,50-70%as balance sent after finished produce the machines. 


We strictly manufacture and manage according to IOS9001:2000 System.And we sincerely welcome customers all over the world vist our company,or browse,visit our website.Any requirement,please contact us via E-mail,we will provide beat service for customers




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